Roofer’s Nest – De-escalate

The simplicity is the weapon, the straight-up is subverted almost by accident, by outsider technique.

Nerves are in check.  

An electronic je-ne-sais-quoi where the semi-hidden shadows merge with the overt. The shadow rail.

First, full disclosure, this is my brother. Take that as a full bias confirmation, I do. 

Here’s a dude from a band background who made some wild and organic computer music on his laptop a few years ago now. He worked his ass off, and the endless confusingly-named and impossible-to-keep-track-of files for beats and distorted keys show the reveal. An honest attention.

He was working away, in true bedroom style, not giving a rat how it would be perceived or critiqued or handled, like a folk artist crafting his or her own universe blindly following that whim and that inherent path that brings calm and helps shut off the other-brain-you, the mile-a-minute-you or the got-to-go-to-work-you. Then, fingers crossed, it lives with you, you go back to it, you check up on it, you harness it. 

Just do the thing, simple as that. Just do it and do it as best you can. Put yourself in it. The hand-made wooden shed naiveté lends a charm to this material. New, calculated moves can now bounce off the white, blank walls. Discovery is great to listen to. Exploration is the path. Navigating time. Repetitions, never exactly the same.

And all this to say that this record isn’t that big of a deal, this will not change your day. But i’m supremely proud of it and know in my heart that putting this fucker out in the world (albeit under water at best), correctly makes me feel good. Open connectors. Patched pretty.

Cassette edition of 30 copies coming soon, free digital available.

Please enjoy.

Thanks for reading/listening!


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