Ambivalent Soap 004

A sturdy new lo-fi imprint of old-format fever named Ambivalent Soap has just released Running Point’s Sharpen The Past on microcassette, numbered 004 for the label in an edition of 30 copies. The music was recorded in one day (January 18th), then carved into specific form over several nights spread out over several weeks. Even blurry vision takes a little time to focus.

We’re offering up the free digital as the physical copies are already out of print. I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading/listening!

Total Chance

Running Point – Sharpen The Past

Struck photo-images cut
Breaking time-scene
Interiorizing old-breathing presence
Fulfilling the free doing
Desire total chance of now
Compose inside then through
Forward in weaving thorn movement
Snakes wrapping around and curling
And darting
Never straight
Letting the past sharpen
Imagination’s new cave etching
Old scream-blues
Bleeding railroad tracks
Bottle-necking here-dusk
Strobed unison showing
Melodic undercurrents travel-fast
Falls dropping on falls dropping
Wave-notes lining up and hovering
For almost-all heavy-weight seconds
Overtones like the steel
Ringing out in bright near-banjo basements
With mines in work-days darkly
The walk-done tome frees the real-spirit bright
Struck photo-memory cut
Breaking time-scene