009, New Release

Talugung – Multiplying Dead Ends

For reference: the concrete curtain will create noises.

Acousmatic: a motorized cooing antique.

Balletic signatures are carved on the mind-film with dull knives, splinters of computer burrow inside. Stitching strips in a long fragmented quilt, the backwards-forwards continuum is peaking.

Translucent snow fields of animal concerto shift to dominating leaves, stepping off metaphorical celluloid into cone and grill.

Research in to moving parts.

All colour removes itself when reels begin to turn.

Sharp edges pillow into the disappearing. Hands look like fins, tails look like eyes, all piled in no-special attention.

Light and shade and singular shapes find time to dance in paper-like movement, cut-up from screen and bow, wind blowing communal, fanning structural kamikaze drop offs, to hover and zoom near distant.

Laser-like precision lumbers to through-line directive, aim at end point reinvigorate, reinvention line-through, crossed out, left to write over, no such thing as scrap pile, no such thing as …

The sound the brush makes.

Patter of rain pallet, canvas interlocked with hands, wetness dries and attaches its new form to the painter’s descriptive bristles. The thin minute hairs animate the sound they hear when brushed free, ready for reload.

Hairs on film jar essence sound poet wave in miniscule statement aloud read invisible.

Clacking keys mouse note specifics.

Near-far away eating snake encircled in motherboard battery ink.

Moving tables, swivelling wheels, columns of artist-brain matter cavernous and castle-filled brimming with re-purpose, lined with play. To engineer for entrance.

For reference: seal with cubist abstract glue.

This is a magical set of curiosities from Ryan Waldron under his Talugung name. Live bowl strikes and bow-work overturn into laptop disarray. Small drips of water in purposeful allowance shorting original content.

Manipulation, sampling, seeing through the process to start again.

Removing the overdone, adding intricate art-flame to renew the ancient clutter, all-microtonal chord species living in chambered depot.

Seven tracks of warbled, pre-warped, angular attachments on graph paper poly-imagination. Hints of naive art history liquidate under heavy, random calculation. Scissor-tricks spark firework-like drawing, screen and speaker make original tools of wet/dry primitive composition.

Minor-crescendo is continuous, in two-dimensional flattened form, birthed from plastic box-spring and vibrant basement omni-directional vision.

Time-lacking, of this time, of another time-plane, alien and archaeologically-origin-settled, when water first touched land.

This is art in full caught-its-stride. Experimental in the outcome-questioning, but absolutely masterful and full of expertise. An essential document to push open the computer/electronic/hardware/software/live instrument dialectic.

An artist’s class.

Limited to 30 tapes, coming soon.

Hope you dig!

Thanks for reading + listening,


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