011, New Release

Shredderghost – Golden Cell

Absorbing the peace/pieces, extrapolating on long silence form, each glowing layer constructed in closed-eye shutter creating a physical space emanating a unified thought-vibration-singularity.

Parallel miniature features attune to the center, fixed and moving, floating, hovering, radiating awake.

Integral chops combine in top-heavy start-over, a dark, rich blue of clipped image and coils, skipping and coiling around bluer tremble.

All new-reds on amplifier wash-out, tube-lit night-ocean’s dark pigment, all aglare with hum-and-crackle.

Multiple lives in succession, living the same time-and-space.

Delayed and without beginning. There is no start, only continuation.

Dream’s the same.

An encyclopedia of thought-vision, an individual’s day-and-past taped together in one moment. Simultaneous levelling in several defined directions.

The non-psychological workings of the life-body, joint beauty and the reaching, not thinking but hoping, unconsciously feeling for purpose.

Looking for strategy, for meaning, waking up in the continuation. A shining and perfect symbol to complete the confusion/eureka.

Theoretical-gold then as mystery’s radiance, as shiner, as blinder, as reflection.

Only attainment real is in humanity’s ability to back off.

A miracle surrender.

Named after Odilon Redon’s painting La Cellule d’Or, Ian Franklin, under his Shredderghost name, tackles some mind-trip work of turbulent soft/heated control and excited cloud/cooling stretch-out.

Guitars get chances to resurrect and to speak again, blurred but with stoic integrity they hang on, they leak through the closed netting.

The amplifier gets full working duty, gets the last say. It all passes and erases in sonic solder memory come-and-go.

Temporal looping on earth, while working, untricking the enlight/enrich code.

Reaching for sustainability for the mind and heart, reaching for a heightened trance, passive yet anxiety-inducing, challenging, always cycling to the same spot. In sight/grasp yet slips through. A Taoist turmoil.

Amongst, within, seeing outside of, repeat.

Amongst, within, seeing outside of.

Dream’s the same.

Either thought-confined in that series of similar dreams (“Among the Flowers”) or its lucid hindsight initiates the exposition/extraction. That wave of escape keeps one grounded, keeps one awake, ready to receive new/old letting-go.

Consciousness under inquisitive and final inspection (“À Soi-Même”) – an alarm/trust dimensional ribbon. Markers unfold and move, never fixed, if drawn: held like cellular adventure, in plane-capture aspect, binding yet offering a new start-again, as mental fly-away disperses and returns. Atmosphere, timing, movement, evaporating.

Both sides of the stream, above and below, the realms for step-through.

This is gorgeous work presented in two side long pieces. Philosophical or not, the resolution’s in the clarity of feeling. The trips stand alone.

Limited to 50 tapes, coming very soon.

Hope you dig …

Thanks for reading and listening!


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