012, New Release

Cahill Locksmith – Starter Kin

Blue Water Bridge cloned two as we leave.

Car accidents on the center top when still one.

Memories of thinking/finding the other side’s got to be the same as ours.

Both sides visualize the tatters when exposed out from under inter-support.

Bikes left unlocked only to return to later.

Still there, wonders of small town play-around and the lack of life’s heavy concern.

Pineries as dune-huge temples representing omnipresent force and mystery.

Clean, face-first water combatting a valley of chemicals and train track shrieks through the screens that lay open at night.

A giant wick flaming blue-green hot air and toxicity.

Full contact cement, all time, tough south-end small school near-violent-eruption and unkind walk-bys.

Sludged stream markings of a beat up place.

Late nights sitting on a roof staring at sky-fires in places we’ll never return to.

Parks and beaches to escape the boring sprawl.

Interlock conversation as years pass.

Time underneath, aging, life lessons in full-bore activity.

A very small window.

Always open.

We’ll hold those irrelevant time-trips as memories-on-film, captured pure, a photographic survey of the same-trees offering their together’d palms.

Roll the machines out and capture something.

Childhood grey.

This is the preliminary work of a brother project materializing and catching breath. A digital release to keep the wood burning for the future tape-hold.

Sitting outside around the fire unlocking time.

This album will be a split, limited to 30 tapes, with Power Moves Label 014, coming at a later date.

Please have and share.

Thanks for reading + listening,


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