013, New Release

Sloom’s Mix Tape #1

Tape transfer granule drop, the Luxman with touch to dust sincerity loading and underpin bedding. Specific type: specific recollections/imprinting for turning digital to grain. Sanded down in pleasure-molecule contemplation.

No rain imminent in clear sun lookout until formed clouds roll in.

Boiled down to gas and fume, breathe/intake the memory lapse turned coloured air in a lonely head-space, in stereo-rattled inner-ear change-over. An analogue chemistry set charting the positional mapography of sleeping big-cities. One cylinder pours the closeness into another.

Escaping haze.

Hidden grit underneath time-treble hit and hiss. Buried in noise reductionism, a curious layer, the rewarded side effect guides the proceedings. Map-points merging/submerging. Pin-points threaded in pinched hubs, place-names occurring to calculate space and new-turning distances. Attenuated soundtrack work, night cars and pitch-blackness through artificial shine, building speed then gridless. Nowhere drives and small-moments writ large.

And a hot sun blazing.

Now we have the master on the other side of the horn. The ear now looks out.

This a gifted collection of blanketed aura iron-out and windows-down tempo pulse from James A. Toth, our usual in-house master technician.

Here, he removes the white hat and takes the long, treed road chasing the warmth and the experiment in tone and technology.

Tape manipulation, part of the mixing process, printing/creating new textures, allowing the decay and compression to spindle appropriate melody, the add-on/dump-down schemata holds the stamp. The flashes break the horizon’s long-distant view, it moves ever-closer with the heat turning, lighting the propel. Small, irregular clock-wise rollers collecting and disseminating new data in an almost instant compositional-like poise and lacquer.

The drifting, shouldering weight/less suspension.

A terrific mix of dream and wake-up. Moving and sitting still.

Limited to 30 tapes, coming very soon.

Thanks for listening and reading!

Hope you dig…


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