Library #1

Running Point – Medita/Medica

First release to hit the library shelves is my new Running Point tape.

Everything was recorded at home with a few field recordings capturing the nearby action.

Tape’s already in the mail, so maybe it’ll land near you.

This is a free download carrying the label tradition.

Tape was a micro run of 15 copies dubbed at home in real time on one deck.

Basement window light
on wall one.
Amplifier sit for
red lights and one
blue, lapsing
into shut-off
and contemplation.
Microphone running
away from the
deck inside tape
and imperfection.

History of my fingers
on one string or
two. Rustling like
dry or chalked
paper, being folded
inside life’s
envelope in and
out of grip of
the real.

Hope you like.

Thanks for listening. And reading.

Take care,


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