Power Moves Label 015

Here we are, number 15, the closer, the final pro-dubbed release on the Label.

We haven’t stopped releasing albums though, the new works have been slowly put together at home under the Power Moves Library outlet/wing/branch. You’ll hear more and more about this as it happens, but we’ll be ending the ‘pro’-Label cycle, as I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the hand-made realm, keep costs down, and get to know the new material on a much more personal level, front to back.

This collection is personal too, extremely so.

We knew we wanted to have all proceeds, tape and digital, go to Nepal relief/rebuilding. This has been the omnipresent aura for all of the artists’ songs, we all felt the individual pieces would build into a project bigger than our own respective visions.

It took a bit of time to get it all together and proper (and that’s on me), but where we mostly go on untouched/unscathed by life’s ultimate heaviness, we knew it had to go to this source, it had to help.

Life can move scary fast, the river’s current can seem impenetrable standing and looking on shore, it blows by and we walk away towards other moving rivers. More and more terrible things keep happening, and it’s impossible to keep up with the news-fucking-sucks negative energy pessimistically taking over our airways and lives. As my late grandfather once said, you can’t go spending every waking moment trying to help others in need, you’ll run out of spirit. You can try your best, and that’s beyond what we’re asked to do. Which is nothing. Anything, and everything, helps.

This compilation’s dedication and proceeds could go to any number of causes and situations, and it sucks trying to think about that. And it’s shite that it sounds like I’m trying to justify what can seem like an out-dated tragedy, as life’s depressing rivers keep passing us by.

There are so many amazing organizations and active hands helping places and people all over the world and we can take some solace in that.

Kids of Kathmandu is the organization that all funds from this project will go to. They have been doing incredible things helping the children get greater access to schools and clothing and shelter, helping the area build itself back up after the earthquake and the misery.

This compilation can’t touch the importance of what organizations like this one are doing, on an everyday level, dedicating themselves fully to their aid.

It’s very hard to write about how this was essential in the growth of Power Moves, to move the bulb’s light to the more important shapes, but it’s not about me or the label.

We may have control over this particular lighting, but the universe can seem to control the rest. It can feel like the world is the defeater-protagonist and we’re watching it all crack and pull apart, as it does what it’s supposed to do, defeating-being.

Regrowth, regeneration, regrouping then, fights that off, or tries to balance everything out, turns the not-great ender into the great beginning. Or a chance to continue. If you give a sliver of it-all to those still fighting, they’ll turn that into a challenge, and convert that tiniest-of-fragments into a whole every time. Human spirit living the loop-cycle life of the blues.

The world is going to shit and is beautiful at the same time and it’s impossible to conceive of something so perfectly this-that.

Tracks have been compiled by all of the artists who have released a tape with Power Moves Label over the last two years and there’s some really great things happening over the course of the album.

This is both my way of thanking all of the people involved so far and having everything cycle back to life, in true documentary fashion, to the real. To think about participating, even if gesturally small and miniscule, when facing the total-fucking-nightmare.

Compassion and support. Our simple offerings.

We hope you enjoy and can help in any small way.

Thanks for listening and reading,


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