Library #4

Running Point – Ti Rise

The opening of the self as presented in silent, non-judgmental prose, prose looking and hearing back into the fingers to be free, to climb inside and rise through the moods of the mountains built and releasing in real time as it pours freely out into the wild, secure and safe and sheltered in ultimate grip with light, deft touch of home-hands capturing audio-air in form as it forms physically inside a soft hold. Bullet standing to sit on covered fabric, adorned with the tradition of the out, emblazoned by pattern and sight-spell, used for damage and elegance, through the reminding self, to be honest, to be in the moment, to erase it.

Fourth tape for the library is my Running Point’s Ti Rise.

Long-form free-flowing takes: first piece for listening in on the process as it’s presented in empty space peal like wind blowing through the trees and ringing that day’s growth. Then the early evening sun fades for the second piece and the small wind rebirth comeback sits and gathers around the quiet let-loose in celebratory station, thanking the moments as they rise in a potted tea’s tides.

Everything was recorded at home and mastered to tape (C-42) on the home stereo in nonspecialized detail. I love the way the sound reaches to the outer edges and curls back in on itself when it gets too close and you can hear the tape getting hit, like an action painter hitting canvas and wall.

Tapes were dubbed and stamped at home in a small run of 15 copies.

Digital is live and free and is the audio from the two sides of the tape.

Thanks for reading and listening!


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