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In a very short amount of time, as everything is in the mail and headed where it needs to be, there will be three new tapes available at a couple of other locations.

This new batch of Excavation Series (9, 10 & 11) includes the continuation of Phong Tran’s All India Radio taped archive recordings seeing the light, as well as Ian Nagoski’s rare and out of print Central Javanese gamelan pieces recorded by Jacques Brunet becoming available again in a tape-only edition (no digital at all on this one, sorry). Robert Millis’ personal field recordings in Sri Lanka and India, as well as his 78RPM collection get their proper dusting off, and add to the final perfect piece for this treasure chest of varying musical highlights. Trust me on this, this is a very exciting batch of releases.

New writing and details for each new tape will follow shortly.

If copies are unavailable at our new distro choices, do check back in with us as we’ll ship anywhere and we can maybe talk down the price a bit for you as International shipping can climb pretty fast. If curious, checking in with us at any time is more than cool. We love mail. You can email my powermoveslabel (at) gmail (dot) com account, or hit up our new excavationseries (at) gmail (dot) com account and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. International shipping and individual tape costs through us will be 18 bucks CAD, so it still isn’t crazy, crazy, if you were unsteady about waiting it out, etc.

On with the news then, you shout.

Crow Versus Crow continues to be our UK specialist. He’ll have copies of each new tape and we may end up re-stocking with him if things go fast. Andy can be reached at crow_versus_crow (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk if you wanted to lock something down ahead of time.

More Mars located in Greece have taken on distro for us too, they’ll have a few copies of each tape as well, and they’ll cover the Euro end of the spectrum. They should have copies soon as well.

We’re really stoked to have these two aboard and they are doing us a great service by helping spread the word and sharing in what we do. We’re humbled by their interest and participation. So support these outlets if you can, regardless of our tiny little operation.

From us, me and Phong, we hope you can find time for these new tapes. Thanks for reading.



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