New Release

Excavation Series 6 – Maghreb Sharit Mix No 4 – Gimbri Special

Next up in our steadily growing Excavation Series of mixtapes is a killer mix of Gimbri-focused Moroccan music sourced and compiled by Natalia Beylis and Willie Stewart (of the excellent Irish psych-improv group Woven Skull) from their private stash.

The two often travel to Morocco and when visiting it’s expert digging and we’re lucky enough to reap the rewards here. This isn’t the first Moroccan mix that they have put together either, this is number four in a series they’ve been uploading on Mixcloud under the Maghreb Sharit name, and we encourage you to dive into those as well, each one is phenomenal and worthy of yr attention. We can’t thank them enough for wanting to help us out with our thing here, and having the chance to put these pieces back on tape under a compilation-like new light is a total pleasure.

Sometimes rough, sometimes crackly, all of the time with that radical tape vibe, the pieces included in this mix are incredible. The languid and snaky flow of the gimbri and the wild rhythms present, the group chanting and singing, the pacing and repetitions too, this is heavy folk music, deep and intense and despite the sorrow-filled haunting blues in a few of the numbers, it’s joyful and full of life and overflowing with passion. A truly beautiful music.

Tapes were professionally duplicated while the printing and packaging were done here at home again. Available here.

There are a small amount of tapes with our UK/Euro distro again too, Crow Versus Crow, so reach out to him if yr in that geography, he can be reached at and he already has the tapes in his mitts, now ready for yrs. Andy’ll get you sorted.

More to come! June will have two new mixtapes, one continuing down our digging ethnographic/geographic on-location folk music w/ radio and layered oddities to boot, and a brand new mixtape first going in a totally different direction, hopefully opening up new terrain that we’d like to continue with again. News on these soon. There are other tapes coming together as well, but it’s early days, further details forthcoming when we start getting the masters, but we’re beyond excited to share everything and make real what we’re discussing/compiling behind the scenes and an early thanks to everyone helping us along.

And thank you for the support so far for being into the tapes and the free digital downloads.

Thanks for reading and listening!


New Release

Excavation Series 5 – AIR Tapes 1

New release is live, continuing with the Excavation Series of mixtapes, this time via Phong Tran, my partner with this side-label (which will be taking up most of my attention going forward), and it’s number 5 in the series.

All India Radio recordings taped by PT when in India, circa ’96-97.

This run is pro-dubbed as my machines were leaving a little to be desired in the quality department, have been working them a bit too hard lately, and they sound really good. Price has gone up two bucks but you will save on shipping if yr in USA, as Phong has a box waiting for yr mitts. He’ll be tackling most of the stateside mail, which is still through the bandcamp, just cheaper postage checkout totals, and I’ll cover Canada and International mail.

UK friends, I have a small distro, as part of a label-swap, with Crow Versus Crow. Andy has a box currently on route, soon to be ready for you. Easiest way to grip one of these is to directly email him at

You will save a few bucks for sure on this, and I hope you’ll hit him up for a tape if you want one. If he’s out of copies then head back over to the bandcamp and hopefully I’ll still have a few left. So it’s UK copies that will be separate, the rest is still through bandcamp or by directly contacting me at

This run was in an edition of 40 copies, and I printed the artwork and stamped the envelopes here at home.

More to come in May and June, Excavation Series #s 6, 7 and 8.

Lastly, there is a stand-alone bandcamp for this series now:

(I wasn’t writing about the others in the series as this started as a neat little way to put some mixes together and share them via tape and free d/l, keeping them very casual, but Phong and I are really excited with the progress and some of the tapes we have lined up, fingers crossed always, are a little mind-blowing. Can’t wait to keep sharing them.)


New Distro

Label Distro + Swap w/ Crow Versus Crow

With great pleasure I come with radical news:

Power Moves Library/Excavation Series has worked out a small record label-swap distro with the ever-amazing Crow Versus Crow, who have been steadily releasing challenging and beautifully packaged albums of sound art, field recording, drone, minimalism, and on and on, via West Yorkshire, UK.

The label keeps growing into a wild and untamed behemoth, and I’m more than a little psyched to get to work together into the future.

We see eye to eye philosophically and musically and we’re hoping we can share the cookings to new ears and for better, cheaper, more reasonable prices to those already familiar with our work.

I will have a small amount of copies of the new release, the three-headed split/snake that is:

BBBlood, Posset & Stuart Chalmers
delirium cutlet impaste

These lovely CD-R editions will be postpaid and will save fellow Canadians and Americans a few dollars on the shipping costs that are continuing to get way out of hand.

We’re simply trying to pool our resources, and I’m sure we’ll figure things out along the way to make it even tighter, so hang with us at first.

We hope you want to support what we’re doing and you can now do so by grabbing these wonderful releases without the fear of exorbitant game-changing international post prices. It’s such a terrible thought thinking that we’re constantly turning down this amazing music as the post prices ring up the purchase past the point of no return. You want the thing now? You’ll get it at reasonable rates and it’ll feel like the money is spent on the object itself again.

EMAIL to let me know yr interested and to make sure copies are available, then you can PAYPAL (or we can discuss payment) one of these two options:

For Canada, paypal 11 dollars flat, ppd.

For USA, paypal 14 dollars Canadian ($10.50ish USD), ppd.

I should be receiving these this week. Hang tight and we’ll make sure to get you these ASAP when I have them in my mitts.

Around May 7th, the new Excavation Series mixtape, ES 5: A.I.R. Tapes 1, will be our end of the label-swap. I will have more details on that, but UK friends will save for sure.

More to come…



Peter Kris – Jacumba

A blistering swelter of torn speakers flapping like a gang of birds sourced open by digital distortion, cavernous reverb and national park and mountain-like expanse is the beauty, and it’s sand-covered, running down as rubble.

Loner expression first, landscape collection second.

Part the winds while abandoned adobe apparitions of guitar swagger and plectrum-spiked punch create perfect humbled deserted isolationist twang. Hitchhiker good-and-bad on the worth-more.

Welcoming the ghostly Peter Kris to the library’s slowly growing high-ladder stack, where a collection of his blown-out crisp-around-the-edges solo guitar masterworks slipped through the walls into my living room and good headphones and I can’t be more psyched (psych is too easy a descriptor for this radicalism).

When he unbands from the German Army underground lava-flow of productivity, under all kinds of different names, mailing address another possible mirage, the sun gets hottest and those frizzled eyes get shut under the weight of the world.

Say, a natural feeling or aura of being outside, possibly at night when the moon is spying, with possible drug intake, when persona’s intact, we get dismantled electrical six-string hallucinations and player-heavy crescendo in constant minimalist poise and noise.

Drive ahead and bury the yellowed demarcations underneath the wheels, or jump out, not get in, walk alone, go back, turn around, walk in circles… but stay up, following something.

A wall of noise: too easy, acid sun melt: too easy, bad dream decay: getting closer, but it’s all of these things and more: somehow futuristic angular show-how and old-timer highway southern picking. Deadly combo. And one-of-a-kinder.

Very stoked to release PML CDR 04, Jacumba by Peter Kris, and I thank the ghost.

CD-R packages burned and printed here at home in a small run of 27 copies. Prints included in the envelope are original Peter Kris photographs in black-and-white on heavy card stock.

Digital album is available for free download at Bandcamp and Free Music Archive.

From the both of us, we hope you dig it and can pass it on.

Peace and more to come,


Downer Canada – Snarl like a Poem

perfect slipping holed up in glass cases with locks identified as historical thinking ways each combination a time away from when things made less and less sense overlapping how society can change into a better whole when and how society has moved away from the better whole and how society has better ways locked up in whole when and how the rest can be a small part of the necessary take what’s left of whatever sense of dignity is left and throw it out the window at a better self too and let that better self climb back inside our own true self that is hiding and is trying to find better ways to be better

at hiding and the cycle spins like knitting needles in circular basket weaving grace as they tip counter to clockwise finding beginnings through a very own spirit blood to booze used to be the never run out candle all light shining even in dark corner despair can’t shake existentialism in the middle of a bender and the days flipped away and my mind thought more and more of touching any liquid to again howl at it snarl at it growl at it deep in breath holding it in and letting it out at it under the shine if i could gather myself outside to be under lighting long enough to recognize its feel like a poem a poem hanging on to the snarl of a piercing thought a poem like a snarl

Library #16

chik white – soft shapes

New release for the library is a long form improvisation by rural Nova Scotia’s chik white called soft shapes, for jaw harp, voice and microphone.

Put your ear against the vibrating speakers, like they’re at the end of a cone, overtones moved by lung and squeezed by vocal cord, rattling the inner spirit to make you see things that aren’t there.

I asked Darcy Spidle, aka chik white, if he’d be interested in releasing something a little more off the beaten path (you could argue all his music is) and he mentioned that he was working on meditation-type close-microphone practice, using voice and breath to improvise in jaw harp holds, stretching out time and testing the body’s thresholds for sustain and durability, pushing himself into places musically and physically, while holding on. This piece is a snapshot of that ritual-like exercise.

When I think of avant-garde modern takes on folk music, what carries the traditional and oral histories along and into new waters, even if inside a more abstracted idea of folk proper or completely inside my own head, Darcy’s music comes to mind. I’ve been into Darcy’s music for awhile now, tracking his discography and productivity along the way. He runs the DIVORCE label and distro in Nova Scotia and founded and ran OBEY Convention, up until recently, as he’s moved to film production with close friends Seth Smith and Nancy Urich, co-founding/running CUT/OFF/TAIL now, where he tackles screenwriting and acting. He’s an active sort, and if you followed him around you’d be stumbling into all types of great shit. He’s been an inspiring figure for Power Moves all along, and I’m super happy we were able to work together and that I can call him a friend now.

Back to this newer folk idea, say a Canadiana music that takes in the surroundings and environment and is hip to lineage and archive, it still has to push itself into and come from a personal place. Free jazz and noise help shape the full picture then, these forms are needed to reveal where the personal music flows from, from folk-like principals and sounds (be it the instrumentation or recording in the field in real time, etc) into dynamic and expressive new music territory. I struggle writing what I’m thinking about, and we don’t need to get philosophical or to put any words on this project to turn it into something that it’s not, but chik white makes a super interesting and unique and humble music that is part process: by being in lock with his instrument and its characteristics, and articulation: having the ability to navigate breathlessly between cavernous, rude, free improvisational blowing and clean, crisp, rich in-the-pocket traditional/ethnic music-like delivery. We both share that love for fire music and daily experimentation, and his trajectory as a musician will always embrace rawer texture and voicing along the way, thankfully.

So this is his own music then: music that’s risky and on edge and sometimes fired up and all-the-time fascinating.

Tapes were dubbed at home in a small edition of 30 copies. Side-B has a bonus field recording of Nova Scotian wind quaking and feeding back under the pressure, only available in physical form on these dubs.

Digital is free and available on Free Music Archive and Bandcamp and we want you to pass it on, if you can.

From the both of us, we hope you enjoy.

Take care and talk soon,