New Release

Talugung|Family Ravine 1/2s

New Release proper.

A small edition of 40 copies to bounce back into the swing of library things. Slide that ladder over to the upper shelf.


Power Moves has previously released two Talugung cassettes and a third split CD-R, and each record builds on the last. This cassette side follows suit- building on what came before but jumping out on its own, it hits new territory, hits new heights in compositional flow, and it’s absolutely stellar. Incredible new work from the idiosyncratic new music and art eccentric R Waldron.

I hear Luc Ferrari, I hear Arve Henriksen, I hear Harry Partch, I hear moving shadows of Groupe de Recherches Musicales in the foliage-filled aural environments of Hindewhu planted by BaBenzélé Pygmies, and I hear a softer and more plaintive tonal environment, with emotional breathing passages ricocheting against just dissonance. Swaying patterns stutter and overlap and sit cloud-like, never feeling dark or foreboding, it’s a light and feathery hanging-in-the-air music despite the tuned irregularities, and it glides along at a spectacular pace.

I can’t champion Talugung work enough, it’s completely underrated and individualistic music that sits on the library shelves perfectly regardless where.

Album cover is an R Waldron original. His art rules.

Power Moves first release for Family Ravine. First release for Family Ravine.

These last few years I’ve (KW Cahill) been primarily focused on acoustic guitar music with East of the Valley Blues, and when not thinking in overt musical patterns I’ve been twisting and turning in my own what’s-this solo automatic acousmatic music with Downer Canada and KWC releases. For this cassette side I wanted to release the latest electric guitar recordings I’ve been working on, no frills, just plug and play.

Three pieces ranging in length and mood. This is a new project where I’m actively working against my normal workflow and techniques with recording and writing.

Family Ravine Music: Inspired by Gamelan, Krautrock, Dhrupad, Experimental Short Film, Noise Rock, Jiro Yoshihara, Blown Amplifiers, Fingerstyle, Haiku and Delta Blues.

Family Ravine Folk Poem: To be cut like film strips, one scene leads to the next, to be rolled out in length and lit by the sun or to be spooled back in its canister and hidden in a box under the bed. Written across 2018 and 2019, one reflects the other.

There’s more to come in our Excavation Series: we’ll see tapes of original field recordings and personal travelogues on the way. And more mixes covering all types of ground from all over the world.

Stay tuned/untuned! Peace!


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